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Name A Star In The Galaxy


When you name a star, you will be purchasing a novelty gift that can be given for all occasions.  When you decided to name a star it’s  a gift so unique it will be remembered every time your loved one glances upward at the stars.  You could be buying a family heirloom or starting a family tradition.

name a starIt is very easy and inexpensive to name a star, you just to go  Not only can you name a star, you can buy other products too; books, jewelry, gift certificates and star naming kits.  Prices to name a star start at only $15.  You can also name a star for free if you sign up for their UMB Eco-Credit card and make one purchase on it.

You can name a star for your children by purchasing them a Shining Star Friend, who has come from the heavens looking for someone love.  You can choose from 24 different cute and cuddly animals; including a dragon or a unicorn!  Each plush animal comes with a certificate so your child can name a star of their very own.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I say name a star after the women in your life or oth of you, it will remember how thoughtful you were for a very, very long time.  Anyone can give us diamonds or chocolate or flowers, but how many men in our life can give us the stars? 

Did you crash ‘n burn with this year’s holiday gifts?  If so, why not name a star and accent it with a beautiful silver-plated Christmas Star Ornament?  It’s only $29.95 and engraved with your star’s name coordinates.  It will be gorgeous on top of the box tied to the bow.

There are several kits you can purchase to name a star after someone special in your life; parents, siblings, grandparents or even the couple next door.  All kits come with a beautiful full-color parchment certificate printed with the star name, coordinates, and date.  When you decided to name a star Along with the certificate, you receive a sky chart the same information as the certificate with your star’s location pinpointed on it.

The information we gather from the information sent with our kits enable us to name a star and learn more about the heavens above.  Every time I look up at those sparkling lights above us, I’m taken back to my childhood when we could lie on our backs and talk for hours making up stories about the night sky.

If you want to make a good impression but not go overboard on your budget, then name a star for your loved ones and be part of a greater good!

Find out how to name a star after me and read more on how to name a star after someone?

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