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Sometimes people come together to decide how to honor the memory of someone important in their lives.  As a symbol of the life your loved one lived, you can name a star for a memorial; this is a unique way to start a family tradition.

name a star for a memorialYou can name a star for a memorial and the memory of your loved one will live on in the star that will have a very special name and not just a set of numbers.  You’ll receive a framed certificate to name a star for a memorial, sky chart and other memorabilia that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

One of my personal examples to name a star for a memorial. After my brother-in-law passed away, we were at his funeral talking about what a great guy he was, how he liked to tease my sister-in-law, how we used to sit in their family room and watch movies.  He sure was an easy guy to like and loads of fun to be around, I sure do miss him.

If you decide to name a star for a memorial, there are some pretty good options available at the official star naming registry;  They have several star naming kits and other products such as jewelry, stuffed animals and books to keep as family keepsakes.

You don’t need any help to name a star for a memorial; you can do it yourself and surprise the rest of the family.  Or as a family, you can pick out the constellation and star together.  What a great way to build your family’s memories, make your memorial star all the more special and create a keepsake to be proud of.

It’s surprising how a meaningful gesture can be economical.  We thought that doing something as significant as to name a star for a memorial would be expensive, it’s not! has an Heirloom Star Kit for only $269.  You’ll get a beautiful full-color parchment certificate matted in an architecturally inspired frame designed by Stanford White.  The matte is a vintage eggplant color that compliments the colors of the certificate.  It’s printed with your star’s name, telescopic coordinates, and star date and comes with a sky chart with your star’s location pinpointed on it.

The name a star for a memorial or Heirloom star naming kit also comes with a complimentary personalized wallet card printed with the star’s name and coordinates.  All of the kits come with a booklet on astronomy with additional sky charts and a memorial letter.  So, when you name a star for a memorial buy purchasing a kit, you won’t have any regrets other than wishing you had done it sooner.

When you receive the name a star for a memorial kit and present it to your family, you can be confident that you have started a family tradition and sealed a heritage for years to come.

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