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name a star after someoneName a star after someone special you love and they’ll have a gift they will remember you for every time they look at the stars.  It’s the perfect gift for any and all occasions.

When you name a star after someone you are showing them how special they are to you.  You are giving them the gift of a lifetime.  They are appropriate gifts for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, or to celebrate the birth of a child.  You can also give them for retirements, engagements, Mother’s & Father’s Day.  What an honor you bestow when you name a star after someone you love!

I received the gift of a star being named after me and since it’s such an out of the ordinary gift that makes me feel special every time I look at it; I now give star naming kits as gifts.  They make excellent stocking stuffers and this year we gave everyone in the family one.  My sister-in-law and her husband were so impressed they asked how they too, could name a star after someone.

I told my sister-in-law to go online to the only official star naming registry; where you can name a star after someone.  On their website you can name a star after someone by purchasing one of their many quality gifts.  You can buy jewelry, books, and stuffed animals called Shining Star Friends.  In fact, if you buy a cute and cuddly stuffed animal, you’ll get to name a star after someone for free!  Now, that’s a deal no one can pass up.

At you can buy one of several star naming kits; from Custom to Ultimate.  You can name a star after someone for between $15 and $154.  You’ll get a beautiful certificate printed on full-color parchment paper, in a color-coordinated matted frame, perfect for hanging in a place of honor for all to see.  The certificate are imprinted with the star’s name, star date, telescopic coordinates and are accompanied by a sky chart with the star’s location pinpointed on it. The Ultimate Star Naming Kit comes with a personalized walled card imprinted with the same information as the certificate but fits conveniently in your wallet or purse.

Women love to receive romantic, unexpected gifts for occasions such as  like name a star after someone in Valentine’s Day and their birthdays.  Your mom will appreciate it for Mother’s Day instead of another toaster and your Dad will think you spent a lot of money for his gift on Father’s Day.

Giving a gift that allows your loved to name a star after someone, is another way to show your love, respect or appreciation to your recipient.  So name a star after someone  today!

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