Name A Star After Me

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Name a star after me? The perfect idea to memorize yourself foever ; !  It’s the gift of a life time and will last as long as the star itself.  What other gift could I receive that is so unique and that no one else I know has one?

Name A Star After Me There are several occasions in life which I was expecting people to name a star after me; Mother’s Day, Sweetest Day, my birthday, our anniversary and of course, Christmas.  When you name a star after me, you are telling me just how much you care for me and how important I am to you.  I feel like a queen, the queen of your life.

Like true love and other best things in life, the magnificence of the night sky isn’t for sale, but free for everyone to enjoy.  When you name a star after me, it opens my eyes to the wonders of the sky, with the Milky Way, the constellations and other celestial bodies as things to learn about and be in awe of.

If I consider  to name a star after me for any occation, the best website is the official star registry at  On their website it is possible can name a star after me buy purchasing one of the many star kits they have available; you can even purchase a stuffed animal for your children for only $15. 

Since the fourth century BC, humankind has been looking up at the stars and naming them.  When you buy a name a star after me  kit, you are not only giving a one-of-a-kind novelty gift, you are predicating the in finality of the heavens.  We can’t go the starts yet, but we sure can name them.
Each name a star after me kit you purchase comes with a full-color parchment certificate and sky chart printed with the star name, date and coordinates.  The sky chart has your star’s position circled in red for ease in locating it.

You can also buy jewelry, books, and a cute, cuddly stuffed animal, in addition for name a star after me package.  In fact, if you buy a Shining Star Friend for only $15 USD, you can name a star for free.  There are thirty-six different animals to choose from, you’ll want to take more than just one!

Name a star after me? why not to name it on us. This Valentine’s Day, do yourself a favor and name a star on both of your names - the once in a lifetime gift you will remember forever!

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