How Can I Name A Star After Somebody?

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It all started last September when I named a star for my parents’ 25th anniversary.  Now, everyone that sees the beautifully framed certificate and sky chart, asks me how can I name a star after somebody?  I simply tell them it’s so easy, just go to and for $54 you too can name a star after that special someone in your life.

how can i name a star after somebodyI answered my question of how can I name a star after somebody when I bought my parents the Heirloom Ultimate Star Naming Kit.  It includes a 24 ½” x 20 ½” certificate with a vintage eggplant color matte in an architecturally inspired frame designed by Stanford White, a matching framed personalized star chart and wallet card imprinted with the star’s name and coordinates.  The Heirloom Ultimate Kit was only $489; a deal for an everlasting gift that symbolizes happiness.

When you decide to buy a star and wonder how can I name a star after somebody, you should visit the official Star registry. The Star Registry is the registry that records your star’s name in the copyright protected registry book; Your Place in the Cosmos.  They have recorded the names of stars that over fifty thousand celebrities, everyday people, celebrities, and movie stars have named in the past thirty years.  The question of how can I name a star after somebody has a simple and inexpensive answer.  Deal only with the official star registry that has its records published with the US Patent Office.

When you start to think how can I name a star after somebody, just remember that naming a star is the perfect gift for family, employees, friends, corporate presentations and memorials.  It’s a unique novelty gift that people have enjoyed giving and receiving for thirty years.

So when someone asks you how can I name a star after somebody, you can explain how simple and inexpensive it is to give a gift your loved ones will cherish for generations to come.  Since the scientific community refers to stars by their astronomical coordinates, your stars name will be recorded the registry book but no star-naming service changes scientific designations of stars.

How can I name a star after somebody as birthday gift is a question I’ve been asked several times; the answer is a simple order it online a couple of weeks before.  By ordering online you save time because you don’t have to drive from store to store searching for the perfect gift.  If you can’t decide what star naming kit to purchase then buy a gift certificate.

The gift certificates come with everything your loved one needs to answer the question of how can I name a star after somebody and make it the most memorable gift they’ve ever received.  The costs are the same as a regular kit; $54 and up.  This way they can choose the perfect name for themselves, you don’t have to worry if you picked an appropriate name and everybody’s happy!

Find out the answer for the question how much does it cost to buy a star? and read more on how to name a star.

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