For Which Occasions Should I Buy A Star?

Name A Star In The Galaxy


At some time in everyone’s life they will ask the question ‘for which occasions should I buy a star?  Any event is an occasion to buy a star naming kit from; anytime you’re in need of a special and unique gift.  Gift purchasing can be a daunting task, especially if the recipient is one of those ‘hard to buy for’ or ‘have everything’ people.

for which occasions should i buy a starIf you’re in a hurry for a gift, order a gift certificate; you can download and print it immediately after the purchase.  The kit comes with everything your loved one needs to name a star.  For which occasions should I buy a star you may ask, just like a gift certificate being an appropriate gift for any event, so is buying a star.

A birthday gift represents the celebration of life, of the miracle of birth and we celebrate it, well… because of; the presents and the cake & ice cream!  Who doesn’t like receiving gifts?  So make someone’s birthday extraordinarily special and buy a star naming kit for them today and give them the gift of a lifetime.

Anniversaries are another special event in your loved one’s lives.  In fact, the 25th anniversary is called the Silver Anniversary so when you purchase a star naming kit, also purchase the heart shaped silver-plated pendant.  It comes engraved with the stars’ name and coordinates and can be ordered as a necklace or a bracelet for her to wear and show off her gift.  A very, very appropriate ‘for which occasions should I buy a star’ gift!

Christmas is another ‘for which occasions should I buy a star’ gift.  Star Registry offers a silver-plated brass ornament for only $29.95.  It is custom engraved with the stars’ name and coordinates.  I didn’t want to unwrap my Christmas gift last year because it was so beautiful attached to the bow, especially under the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree, twinkling just like the stars on that special night, many, many years ago. 

Graduations, retirements, promotions, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. are all ‘for which occasions should I buy a star‘ events.  For Valentine’s Day, Star Registry offers a beautiful heart-shaped .925 silver-plated pendant to add to your star naming gift.  She will remember your thoughtful and romantic gift every single time she puts the necklace on.  Any event that necessitates the giving of a gift is the appropriate time to gift the gift of a star!

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