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There is someone in everybody’s life that we have the upmost respect for.  What better way to bestow our feelings than to dedicate a star to them.   The stars are forever in our sky and when you dedicate a star to show your admiration for someone, their memory will be forever also.

Dedicate A Star It’s very easy and very affordable to dedicate a star to someone, go to the official star registry; and with a few clicks of your mouse, you will be able to dedicate a star.  Your loved ones’ star name, coordinates and star date are recorded in the official registry which is recorded in the US Patent Office.

You can dedicate a star to anyone; parents, grandparents, siblings, coworkers, and even your boss.  It doesn’t matter who, what’s important is that you feel the need to dedicate a star to them or their memory. can help you honor those you love; they have several star naming kits available: Couples, Wedding/Anniversary, Mommy and Me, etc. 

Prices are very reasonable for such a beautiful and eternal gift.  The price range to dedicate a star varies: $54 for a Custom Kit, $109.95 for the Deluxe Kit and $154.95 for the Ultimate Kit.  A very small price to pay to dedicate a star to your loved one, what a privilege!

When you dedicate a star to someone with one of the kits available, it is a gift so special, the gesture will live in the hearts of your family and friends forever.  After my husband’s parents passed away, we decided to dedicate a star in their memory.  When we went to the International Star Registry, we found a Couples Star.  There are now two stars in the same solar system, named Walter and Liz.

The kit came with two beautiful his and hers certificates with their star’s name, the dedication dates and telescopic coordinates printed on full-color parchment paper.  The kit also included a personalized sky chart pinpointing my in-laws’ stars.  We also ordered the certificates to be framed, one less thing o do later! So, we dedicate a star to my husband parents and now every year at Thanksgiving, his family gathers at our house and after dinner, we pass the beautifully framed certificate down to the next sibling.

If you want to dedicate a star to your pet, then buy a Shinning Star Friend.  For only $15 you’ll get a cute and cuddly stuffed animal and get to dedicate a star after your pet for free.  How many things nowadays do you get for free?  Your pet is dedicated to you so why not dedicate a star to them?  Go to today and see for your self the wonderful and special ways to show you care.

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