Can I Really Watch This Star?

Name A Star In The Galaxy


If you ask yourself, can I really watch this star? the answer is yes. It is hard to wonder about our individual lives or life in general without first looking to the stars and questioning where we came from and how we came to be.  Every time we look at the stars we are drawn to their beauty and energy. 

can i really watch this star

Scientists use special techniques to look at the stars; the closest one to us is our very own star; Sol.  The scientists can see things like solar explosions and sunspots on our sun.  If someone asks you,can I really watch this star? tell them to look up, but be careful not to stare at it.

Giving the gift of a life-time has its rewards; starting a family tradition, looks of joy and knowing that your loved one will have a gift that will last forever.  What other gift can you ever give them that will last forever? if your loved one will ask if you named a real star? can I really watch this star? all the answers are correct. 

When you give the gift of a star from and you’re asked: Can I really watch this star? you can tell them yes, because every star naming kit comes with a full-color parchment certificate that has the stars’ name, dedication date and astronomical coordinates. 

I can remember sitting in my Dad’s 1965 convertible Mustang on the hills behind our house and watching the night sky; the stars were so bright and seemed so close it felt as if we could reach up and touch them.  It all started when my brother’s girlfriend gave him a star naming kit for his birthday, and when he asked her,can I really watch this star? she said yes and so our monthly star watching began!

Buying a star naming kit is a unique and inexpensive way to show your loved ones how special you think they are.  It’s a great gift for those fascinated with astronomy or to get someone interested in it.  The kits also make a nice addition to the gift of a telescope.  When your loved one asks: can I really watch this star? you can help them set up the telescope so they can.  Think of the fun you the two of you will have!

When you give the gift of a star, not only will you receive the beautiful certificate, you’ll also get a informational booklet with charts of the constellations plus a detailed chart with your star circled in red, with it, it will be easy to navigate the sky.  So if and when you are asked, Can I really watch this star? you can say yes in many different ways.

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