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We all have that certain someone in our lives that we refer to as ‘hard to buy for’.  They either have everything or they don’t want anything and their birthday or anniversary is fast approaching.  Why not give them something this year that is so unique and out of this world they’ll talk about your gift for a very long time to come?  Buy a star for them!  Yes, I said a star, buy a star, one of those bright lights in the night sky. is the official star naming registry to buy a star; they’ve been recording star names since 1979.  After you buy a star, they record your star’s name, star date and coordinates in a book called Your Place in the Cosmos.  There are seven volumes of the official book of records on file with the US Patent Office.

buy a star

Actually, you can’t buy a star but you sure can name one.  Naming a star is a better deal anyway than if you were to buy a star, can you imagine the upkeep?  This extraordinary gift will have your loved ones thinking of you every time they look at the attractive and beautifully framed certificate they receive when you buy a star for them.

Giving someone you know a gift that they will cherish for years to come is as easy as clicking your mouse.  Go to and select one of the many kits you can customize to buy a star of your or your loved one’s choice.  The kits range in price from $54 up to the Ultimate Kit which includes a booklet on astronomy and a letter of congratulations addressed to the person who you buy a star for.

You can also purchase other products; books, gift certificates, jewelry and stuffed animals called Shining Star Friends.  In fact, if you purchase a Star Friend for only $15, the recipient also gets to buy a star for free!  Cool, two gifts for one low price!

There is another way to buy a star for free; apply for a UMB Eco-Credit Card, make one purchase on it and you’ll receive your Free International Star Registry Gift Certificate good for a Custom Star Naming Kit.  You or your loved one will enjoy the benefits of your new credit card and you’re able to buy a star for free.

If you want to buy a star for someone and you’re strapped for time, or if you just don’t know what kit to purchase, let your recipient choose their perfect name and star date.  They might even use their gift certificate to buy a star for you!  By purchasing a gift certificate for them, not only are you giving them the gift of a life-time when you buy a star, you’re also giving them a gift they can personalize and treasure forever.

Find out more on how to buy a star for someone and continue to read more on how to buy a star in the sky.

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