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Buy a star in the sky is an amazing, special gift for any occasion.  You may be asking yourself how to buy a star in the sky; a star, like one of the ones in the sky?  Yes, but actually, you aren’t buying the star in the sky, you get to name it!  You can go to the official certified registry site- and name a star.  There is no other gift that expresses your everlasting feelings than to buy a star in the sky and dedicate it to that special someone. 

buy a star in the sky

When you buy a star in the sky, it’s a unique and inexpensive way to show your loved ones or even your boss, just how unique and special you think they are.  Buy a star in the sky is a very appropriate gift for those interested in astronomy and a very nice addition to a gift of a telescope.  You can actually watch this star and you get a marked map when you decide to buy a star in the sky. is international registry to buy a star in the sky; you can go online and order a Star Naming Kit.  All kits offer a parchment certificate, a sky chart with the star’s name, date of the star’s naming, the constellation it’s in, and your star’s location pinpointed on the chart. Since is the official registry, their prices are the cheapest to buy a star in the sky.  And they offer kits that range in price and options from Custom to Ultimate.

When you buy a star in the sky for a loved one, you are sending a romantic, meaningful message to them.  How romantic is to buy a start in the sky? when I sit under a clear night sky with only the twinkling of the lights as illumination.  Whenever I see candles burning I’m immediately taken back to those quiet, starry nights walking hand-in hand with my love along the boardwalk of the beach.

To give a truly special gift to your loved ones, when you purchase an adorable plush stuffed animal, called a Shining Star Friend; you’ll also get a certificate to buy a star in the sky for free.  You can get any kind of cute and cuddly animal from a beagle to a mustang; two gifts in one, what an extraordinary gift! 

After you buy a star in the sky, in addition, you can also acquire a book of record; a hard-covered book with details on every star named and their coordinates.   You can order the books that cover all named stars up to July of 2007.

What is so impressive about the idea to buy a star in the sky; is your recipient will know you cared enough to think of such an interesting and everlasting gift. The International Astronomical Union is the official namer of the stars and they don’t take requests not even from astronomers.  But you never know when that may change so go online right now and buy a star in the sky!

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